Liu Zhou Noodle

The Liu Zhou Rice Noodle, located in Southern China, is a staple on the region’s menu. The flavor can be described as fresh, fragrant, sour, spicy, and refreshing. Using soft rice noodles unique to the Liu Zhou region, the noodles are then topped with sour bamboo shoots, peanuts, fried bean curd, fresh lettuce, and select side dishes. The noodles are made with green food rich in nutrients and high in protein and calcium, while low in fat. The final touch is the soup, the essence of the taste, which has been boiled for hours to obtain a rich, sour and spicy flavor. The soup can be described to have a unique thickness and a flavor that lingers in the mouth. One should carefully savor it, as the great taste lingers after you finish the noodles and leaving one craving the initial flavor. For many, after the first bowl, the very thought of it is mouth-watering.